april 22Welcome to the April edition of IN YOUR VICINITY.

Gardens are getting bulbs in fl ower, blossom trees are in full of colour, lawns are being cut and strimmed, and the weather has been very kind recently with nice dry and sunny days. The mornings are still cold and sometimes a sharp frost, but again we appear to have managed to escape a very cold winter. Easter holidays are now fast approaching, and more families are feeling a little more confident of travelling for some relaxing and enjoyable holidays. Hospitality has really suffered over the past couple of years but nothing like travel related businesses have endured, travel firms; coach operators; airport minibuses and many others have lost their business or are really struggling to keep afloat. We are all on edge and watching daily news on the shocking events in Ukraine, whatever the purpose and reason for starting this conflict, there surely has no need to attack and target hospitals, schools, shopping malls, water supplies and safe-havens. Where and when this will actually stop no one knows, and it is actually likely to escalate further before ending. We are all feeling the impact of the recent increase in the price of oil/fuel, at the moment of writing the price is dropping but forecourts are not passing on the reduction quickly to the consumer. April brings us the Grand National, the time many people have their one bet of the year, good luck everyone. Football and Rugby season start to get very close towards the close, where winning and relegation battles are decided. The first major Golf Championship begins with the US Masters in the beautiful setting of Augusta on April 7th and finishes on the 10th. The F.1 Australian Grand Prix is Sunday 10th. Boxing sees the return of Tyson Fury v Dillian Whyte on April 23rd at Wembley. Are you a business that is looking to increase sales and local awareness during 2022? Please contact us and we can help your business achieve more sales and enquiries. Prices are competitive and can be from as little as  £1 per day!

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