sep21-coverWelcome to the OCTOBER edition of IN YOUR VICINITY.

We have all enjoyed a very late summer during September, one of the very warmest and driest on record for us locally, with many also enjoying staycations or even now taking the opportunity to travel overseas now restrictions are easing. Hopefully for the benefi t of all involved in the travel industry it has a chance to recover with the easing of travel restrictions, however it will take some time.

We are all hearing of issues surrounding lack of staff, supply issues for supermarkets and the same is for any industry requiring parts. The massive issue for a component is delaying the production of new vehicles, another problem is the amount of energy companies closing down, due to selling a product at too low price and as prices increase, they are selling for less than they can purchase.

We are hearing in the media the lack of HGV drivers, but the same can be said for many trained industries, and methods of attracting staff is becoming silly, like paying new staff maybe £1,000 to join, not sure how this is sustainable or how it is accepted amongst your current staff.

Local business are becoming more positive for the future, let us all hope this continues and we don’t go backwards into another lockdown.

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